Prophecy on the 5th of May 2013



It is written in the book of Habakkuk 2:2-3, And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that breadth it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time,but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry wait for it,because it will surely come,it will not tarry.

And the word of the Lord God Jehovah YHWH came to HIs servant the Prophet saying

1) I AM the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel.I have come today to bless and empower my children that diligently seek me.This year shall be a year of harvest & blessing to those that seek me in spirit and in truth ,I will use them to demonstrate my power this end time that no eyes have seen nor ear have heard.

He says “My children my Apostles,prophets & Angels are waiting to see the way I am going to demonstrate my power through you. HE say’s I have come down here today because of what I am about to do in holland. It will pull people to come from the 4 conners of the world into Holland. I have release the anointing on you. I have also come to revive my children prayer life.


He say there is an awakening that will bring tsunami of souls into my kingdom.there are some of my children that are awake but they are sleeping that’s why i have come to awake and rekindle their prayer life.He say the awakening begins from South Africa,then to Holland,then to Nigeria, Canada, England, Asia, America, India, and The whole Earth. He says my children are being awaken for the second coming of the SON of Man.


The coming of my Son is very near watch and pray always, because you don’t know the hour when he comes, even the enemy is aware that His coming has drawn near.

I sent my Son to die in order to reconcile my children back to me, but the enemy is fighting against it. That’s why you should pray and don’t be ignorant of the devises of the enemies for they are corny and persistent.They are never tired because they know there is no time left for them.

My children be prepared because my Son is coming soon my banquet is already set it’s time to come and take them home.

You will soon hear of a strong awakening in South Africa and Holland, signs and wonders will happen in Holland. My eyes have looked to and fro and seen who to stand in the gap.What I will do in Holland, will make them to worship me and seek MY face all the time.And whatever you pray and ask, my ears are open and attent to your prayers.I the Holy one of Israel have spoken.

My Angels are waiting for you to ask in the right way and in purity and your prayers shall be brought right away and I will release the answer and will take my children to a different and higher dimension.

He say I AM the God of light and in me there is no darkness. You should live in total purity says the Lord of Host.

I saw PROPHET MOSES and ELIJAH looking down on us from the cloud and from their feet to their waist was cloud and above behind their heads was covered with cloud. looking down to see what was about to happen which is the manifestation of the bride of Christ.Soon the manifestation will start and the gates of hell shall not prevail.

After that I saw an Angel of God diving coming down from Heaven, the Angel of Protection.

Our Father says ‘ Marriages are been restored.’


Thus saith the Lord God of Israel to the Ghanian president. He says the president of Ghana is seriously ill. I see that the enemy have dug a hole for him to be buried in. Unless he give his life to ME otherwise he will fall into the hole.

After the message for the Ghanian president we interceded on his behave.

And the Lord said ‘I will do what you have requested my daughter, but this man is very stubborn. Pray that his stony heart becomes flesh in order for him to be saved.

I see there will be an election very soon in Ghana, and their economy is getting better.

The Lord say after the intercession ,that the president of Ghana is very stubborn but for my mercy sake I will send to him my evangelist to minister to him to repent. If he harkens to Me he shall be saved.

The Lord says very soon there will be an election in Ghana and after the election there shall be more peace in Ghana and I see a lot of foreign investors going to invest in Ghana.


The Lord is showing me another tsunami in Asia, the former tsunami that happen in Japan was a wakeup call for them to turn back to me. But now there is going to be another one.And those who are not worshipping ME in spirit and truth will be devoured And those that seek me diligently shall be saved.


There is a great distress coming to Europe,but those whom diligently seek Me will have My peace, and they will be a light in Europe and they will receive my blessing. They will receive my harvest. Begin to speak to any of your businesses and it shall begin to prosper. Anyone that is oweing you my wrath is upon them, they are going to be sick for a long time until they pay back the money, then shall I have mercy on them.


I see Holland as a satellite and this satellite is reflected. Holland will be more known, I’m going to start an extra ordinary miracles even in hospitals the people will get up from their sickbed even I see CNN carry it, my daughter be prepared. You shouldn’t ask why you, you have been chosen for this task, I remoulded you for this task and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

In a short while my daughter, people will have their healing people will not be able to see your face because of my glory upon you,your face all shine like that of Moses when he came down from my presence. people will look at you and they will be healed.Because my Son lives in you. I the Holy one of Israel have spoken, it is indeed a great task be prepared I will be with you, and I will be around you till the end of time.

I have given you this until I call you back, But a lot of intercession will be done for you ,in order for me to add more years for you to live. let my peace be upon you.


I see a great earthquake and I see a Vulcan coming out of it, the Lord is showing me Europe a place in Europe and then he is showing me another place very far South America, Argentina around that side.


I’m going to visit the royal Family in Holland and I will draw that family close to myself, King Willem Alexander will rule in my fear for 23 years, he has a good heart, he needs to be close to me. He will come to this church, because of my daughter is responsible for this family and my daughter will monitor them. Something will happen for them to come to this Ministry.

Maxima shall have a son. People will be amazed, president from Gambia will be visiting this place and another president wife and queen Elizabeth will be coming here to visit prince Charles shall be a private visit, prince from Sweden, royalty after royalty are coming, because you have suffered greatly for me and it’s time to reward you says The Lord of Host.


I see a red soil like Abuja, i see Boko Haram are now planning seriously a terrorist attack on Abuja. I also see another attack in Yobe, Kaduna, Jos, Zaria, Lagos, Borno, Benue States. They are fighting against the regime and the ethnic groups from different states. I see the people in Nigeria want to divide the country into Three. The Ibo’s and the Yoruba’s want to to go their own ways, and the housa’s cannot stand on their own. My children you should pray for the unity of Nigeria so that Nigeria would not be divided. The People from the north are fighting against the government, Pray seriously for the government of Nigeria. The Yoruba are in the middle of this. A place called Borno & Jos, put these students seriously in prayer against Boko Haram abduction. I am giving the Leader of the Boko Haram a chance to repent and if he doesn’t he shall Be destroyed. I the Holy One of Israel Hath spoken.


Suriname the people need to turn from worshipping their strange gods, I need more children, I need my body to expand, so I can heal their land. The king of that land has a problem within his stomach, that problem is like a wound in his stomach, I pray that he has no cancer.

He has everything, but he doesn’t have rest of mind, he doesn’t have peace, that’s why I send my daughter to him to heal him.If he harkens to my voice he shall be healed.


Clinic of Faith Ministries
De Wittenstraat 114
1052 BB Amsterdam West
Sunday devotional worship

Written down By: Sister Conchita Leung Lo Hing
Date: 5th of May 2013
Time: 15:30-16:30pm

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