The testimony of Prophet Joan O. Roelofs, Clinic of Faith Ministries

Praise the Lord everybody! In 2009, our fridge stopped working. It was not working for over four days so we were thinking of getting a new fridge. We started looking for a new fridge and I saw one I really liked but my husband said this won’t fit in the kitchen because the fridge was too big. During my time of prayers in the night I was praying, so after I finished the Holy Spirit said, “Go, lay your hand on the fridge and pray for it to start working.” At first I wasn’t sure about what I was hearing so I went to brush my teeth in order to go to bed. But while I was about going to bed then the voice spoke again that I should pray for the fridge and connect the cable back. I did it reluctantly by quoting the word of God in Malachi 3:8-12; I laid my hand on the fridge and prayed for God to rebuke the devourer for my sake because of my obedience to HIS word and connected the cable back into the plug, and went to bed. When we woke up in the morning my husband said he was hearing a sound as if the fridge was working. So I told my husband what the Holy Spirit asked me to do last night before going to bed, to my surprise I went and opened the door of the fridge, lo and behold, the fridge was working perfectly and is still working perfectly until date. Praise the Lord our God. The God that make the impossibility possible is the God that made the fridge came back to functioning. Hallelujah!  And HE is still the same today tomorrow and forevermore! Hallelujah. Come on Somebody Give All the Glory to our Heavenly Father Him alone deserve the praise. Amen!

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