About us

Clinic of Faith Ministries was born on 26th of October 2010 with the mandate to go and tell God’s children to go back to his word and to the 10 commandments.

By this their hearts will be reconciled back to God before the second coming of the son of man. It’s our calling to bring restoration to the lost sheep. Those that are battered, the shattered and the scattered.

In confirmation to this divine calling, God spoke to Pastor Alexander  to begin this ministry with  Prophetess/evangelist Joan during her cross over encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ on the 4th and 7th of may 2010 and other encounters.

In these encounters the Lord took me by the hand and brought me to the banquet hall in heaven, I was later brought in front of a Man sitting on the throne. Suspended above the air, with a golden crown on His head. The crown was set with different sorts of precious stones. In His hands was a globe, it looked like the earth suspended in the air between His hands.

This man looked very disappointed and heartbroken; it looked like He was contemplating whether to drop or to hold on the globe.

The sight of this man made me feel so heartbroken that I started to cry, I wondered what could have happened to Him, for Him to be in this state.

He looked down on me and revealed to me my heart that every time he assigns someone to do His work, they start out good but later they deviate in disobedience.

Then I fully realised that this was God the Father and asked in my heart “My Father” My Lord what can I do to help? Then He revealed to my heart that I should go to the churches and tell his people what I have seen. I should tell them to go back to his word and Ten Commandments, so that their heart can be reconciled back to Him before the  2nd coming of the son of man. Then I was brought back and I heard Ezekiel 3:1-end.

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