Signs of the prophet

There’s something inside of you that Makes God excited about you, identify it, celebrate it, promote it, you are a walking solution to someone. Prophet Joan continues to say, Clinic of Faith was founded under the prophetic anointing following the outpouring of the Holy Spirit according the book of Joel 2:28 ‘And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.’

Attribute of a prophet:

  1. They have a gift of prophecy (1St Corin 2:10).
  2. They are appointed by God (Jere 1:5, Ezekiel 3:1-end, 1st Corin 12:29).
  3. They are willing to have their prophesies judged (1st Corin 14:29).
  4. Their Ministry involves the spirit of revelation (Eph 3:5).
  5. Their method of prophesying involves spontaneous babbling forth as opposed to the false prophet who has cooked up something, the Hebrew word for prophesy is “naba”, to bubble forth, the Hebrew word concerning the false prophet is “ziyd” (To see, or to cook something) interpreted as being presumptuous, is one of the mark of the false prophet.
  6. They have gone through many years of preparation with many trials
    (1 Sam1:24:28, & 1Sam 3:1-21)
  7. As instruments of God’s fire and righteousness they carry an anointing for purifying and perfecting, that others do not have. (Malachi 3:2,3)
  8. They authenticate those called to be apostles and prepare the people of God to receive the apostles. (Acts 13:1,2)
  9. Their Ministry has a supernatural element and they prophesy divine decrees that affect the natural element. (Exodus 14:13-31, 1st King 17:1, 1st King18:1-end).
  10. They understand divine order and maintain proper relationship with local churches they are not dictatorial, nor do they usurp authority. (Acts 15:22,32)
  11. As the second ranking office in the church they walk in high level of spiritual authority. (1st Corin 12:28) Ams 3:7
  12. Their Ministry is marked by spiritual warfare through prophecy and prayers (Ezek 37:1-14 ,1King 4:8-37, 2nd Chron 7:14-16 , 1 King18:36 -46)
  13. Their Ministry carries an anointing that breaks the yoke from God’s people. (Isaiah 49:24-26, Jeremiah 1:10, Isaiah 10:27, Obadiah 1:17  and John 8:32 & 36).

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