The Testimony of Sister Mercy: Double blessing

In February 2012 sister Mercy called on behalf of her friend to get directions to come to Clinic of Faith Ministries for prayer. When they came for prayer the Lord spoke to sister Mercy. At that time there was somebody in her life of whom the Lord spoke that he is not the husband of sister Mercy. After that mama Prophet Joan invited her to the church for her birthday. During that service the Lord spoke to her that within three months she was going to get married.
On that very day sister Mercy attended the service with a friend of whom mama Prophet Joan deliberately asked if he were the husband. Sister Mercy answered, “No, he’s just a good friend.” While mama Prophet joan smiled.
But within three months the young man that came to the service with her proposed to her and they decided to get married. They invited mama Prophet Joan for the wedding. During the wedding, the Lord led mama Prophet Joan to pray for her and as she laid hands on her stomach, she gave a prophecy that within three months she will conceive and have a child of whichever sex she wanted.
The Lord is faithful to His Word and truly within three months of her wedding sister Mercy conceived and came to the opening of Clinic of Faith in October 2012, to testify. After giving the testimony of how wonderful and faithful the Lord is, the Lord gave another prophecy and spoke to her through the woman of God Prophet Joan, that she will have the baby with a double blessing, she will deliver safely and will get her residence document!
Truly, she delivered a bouncing baby girl and got her passport. Praise the living God, our God is faithful. And when we testify of His goodness, He brings more testimonies to us. Hallelujah!

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