The Testimony of Sister Anastasia: Being Raised from Almost death

Praise the Lord everybody! Sister Anita came to Clinic of Faith in April 2012, she was introduced to the ministry and to mama Prophet Joan by sister Cherida, who knew that sister Anita needed help and solutions from the Lord. Sister Anita’s sister, Anastasia had travelled to Surinam even though having received a warning from the Lord not to go. As she went, both she and her twin sister Patricia back in the Netherlands, were afflicted with insanity! Before the case was presented to mama Prophet Joan, the Lord revealed something concerning the case. She immediately prayed in a bottle of water, brought by sister Angelique to be taken to the sister in Surinam. The sister was perfectly healed after drinking the water! Sister Patricia in Holland was brought to Clinic of Faith where the woman of God anointed her, then laid her hands on her head and prayed for her. Regardless of the fact that the affliction seemed very serious, the mental problems left her and she was restored by the power of the Lord!
After receiving their testimony of being healed, of their mental problems, in December sister Anastasia was about to return back to the Netherlands but was told by her father in Surinam, to go to Holland and say goodbye to her children before she died.
As she arrived she was immediately taken from the airport by sister Anita and Angelique to the church where mama Prophet Joan anointed her and prayed for her. This was done under instruction of the Holy Spirit in order to preserve her life.
On Thursday, December 27, 2012 however, sister Anastasia was about to leave her house when she suddenly fell to the ground and it looked like she was dying! Her sister Anita was at that time on the way to Clinic of Faith ministries Amsterdam with sister Angelique to attend Day of Everlasting God service. Mama Prophet Joan received a phone call from them informing her about the situation and she encouraged the sisters to pray for her.
The situation was becoming more serious and it looked like she was no longer breathing, mama Prophet Joan told them to bring the sister to the church. So they will know that Clinic of Faith works as a spiritual clinic.
At that evening service on December 27, 2012, sister Anastasia was carried into the church by four people, accompanied by twelve family members and friends. At that time the dark part of the eyes had rolled over and only the white was to be seen, and her body had become completely stiff! In this condition, mama Prophet Joan instructed everybody to sing praises to the Lord. The Lord spoke, saying that she came in carried by four people but she will walk out of there on her own!
Amongst the people gathered there were some panicking and some were not expecting any results.
Then mama Prophet Joan anointed her with oil and as she laid her hands on her she started praying. Then the Lord said, it is done, and people were wondering how this could be. Mama Joan spoke to her arise and walk, and people wanted to help her up but mama Prophet Joan said, no let her do it. She held her hands and spoke to her with a loud forceful voice, Anastasia arise and stand in the Name of Jesus. The sister arose and stood and made some steps. Some felt more like running away at the sight of somebody being restored to life for they had already given up on her. Then they started rejoicing and jubilation to the glory of God. Praise the Lord!
Just some moments later sister Anastasia was laughing and truly as the Lord had said, she walked out of the place on her own! Praise the Lord!
The following Sunday after being restored back to life, sister Anastasia gave her life to the Lord and was won from the kingdom of darkness into the marvellous light of God’s kingdom!
Glory be to God, who gave sister Anastasia and her family a triple testimony! All glory be to Jehovah the Most High God who is the miracle worker and who has not changed and He will never change!!! Hallelujah!!!

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