The Testimony of Pastor Hassan Nyende from Den Bosch, Holland

On the 14th of June, 2013, Pastor Hassan came from Den Bosch to Amsterdam and was about to go home but was stopped by the rain at the Pilgrim Christian Bookstore near Amsterdam Central Station. After having been there for quite some time he called mama Prophet Joan at 15.41 o’clock and she called him back at 16.30, and he said am still stuck in the rain in Amsterdam central cos the rain wont stop for me to go home. It was a very heavy rain that  mama Prophet Joan could even hear it on the phone. Prophet Joan told him, “Pastor Hassan, pray for the rain to stop then!” and he laughed and replied, “No! I am calling you to pray because I heard you prayed for a sister in Clinic of Faith and the rain stopped.” He also said that he wanted to go home because he had been stuck in the rain for more than one hour. Then Prophet Joan prayed on the phone for the rain to stop. The rain immediately began reducing and he exclaimed, “This is amazing!the rain is stoping” Then rain stopped completely! Praise the Lord  Everybody! The resurrection power that resurrected our Lord Jesus Christ has been made available to us, to do signs and wonders in this end time in the Name of Jesus. Hallelujah

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