The Testimony of Deaconess Tania from Clinic of Faith Ministries

Praise the Lord for His great works and faithfulness! What He says He will do, He is able to do! Amen.
It was around the beginning of 2013, when I received a prophecy from the Lord through mama Prophet Joan, that the Lord is going to give me a house. The Lord said two rooms – one for me, one for Emmanuel! And nobody will know how I will get it! At the time the prophecy came, I had just returned back to the Netherlands and once again was planning to relocate to somewhere else and not to stay. So when the prophecy came, it didn’t look quite likely to happen.
Again, in May 2013, we had just moved into a new place, we just rented a room, and I was beginning to feel unhappy there, but I hadn’t told anybody yet. Then the Lord spoke again! Mama Prophet Joan asked me in the service if I was happy in that house, and I replied: No! So, the prophecy was confirmed the second time that the Lord was going to give us a house very soon. After December 2013, everything started falling into place and without even knowing how the Lord directed us, He gave us a two rooms and very nice house like He had said! On February 20, 2014 I finalised and submitted all the documents, and on March the 6th, we signed the contract and moved in. Praise the Lord!

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