The Testimony of Brother Monday

Brother M.E. with his wife, sister S.E., came to Clinic of Faith Ministries because they heard of what the Lord is doing there through a Bishop which is his brother. The wife had given birth and while giving birth there was a complication with her womb. As a result of that, the doctors had declared that she could never get pregnant again. Our mama Prophet Joan O. Roelofs encouraged the couple with the words, “This is the doctors’ report, but it is not the report of the Lord!” Hallelujah! She told them that when the time comes, she will pray for them.

The time came in January 2012, when the woman of God prayed with brother M.E. on the phone, and gave a prophetic declaration: “In the month of February your wife will conceive and give birth to a baby boy.” Praise the Lord!
The wife, S.E. found it especially difficult to believe because it was towards the end of the month of January, and she had just seen her monthly period. So how could it be that she would get pregnant by next month? But the Bible says in Luke 1:37: “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Praise the Lord!

They were encouraged by the word, expecting a miracle! On the 7th of February, sister S.E. did a pregnancy test. To the glory of God, it was positive! She really became pregnant.

Challenge along the way

In the early stages of the pregnancy however, the doctors estimated that the chance of the baby being born with the dawn syndrome was too high and suggested abortion, while that was still possible. The couple came to mama Prophet Joan, who promised that as the Lord lives she will give birth to a healthy baby boy. She told them that they should definitely not go for an abortion and that the baby will be born and will have nothing wrong with him. She prayed for the baby and laid hands on the wife’s stomach, reassuring them with the words that when the Lord speaks, it is for a blessing, and according to Proverbs 10:22, which says: “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”
Glory to the Most High God, in October 2012, sister S.E. delivered a bouncing and absolutely healthy baby boy! For it is impossible for the Lord to lie, and that which He has promised, He will accomplish. To God be all the glory For Jehovah our Heavenly Father always have the final say!

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