The Testimony of Brother Chris from Amsterdam

When Brother Chris started attending Clinic of Faith Ministries, the Lord gave him an instruction through the Prophet of God, Mama Prophet Joan, to write a list of his prayer requests and to start marking them one by one with a check mark as the Lord answers. He wrote on the list his daughter who has been married but had not had a child, and also his daughters whom were yet single and in university.
Brother Christ called prophet Joan for prayer while the prayer was going on, the Holy Spirit reviled that the baby in daughter’s womb is a baby boy.
To the glory of God, in November 2013, Brother Chris came to testify that the elder daughter who had been married for some time, has now given birth to a bouncing baby boy! The younger daughter had completed her studies and gotten married as well. Brother Chris came to testify of the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord!
That however was not all that the Lord had done for him. In 2012, he was arrested due to lack of residence document in the Netherlands. He was likely to be deported back to Nigeria, but he prayed to God.And he later contacted the woman of God, Prophet Joan, from the prison he requested prayer for his release. Mama Prophet Joan went into prayer and the Lord instructed, her to buy a calling card for Brother Chris to be taken to him in the prison. Our Lord gave a specific prophetic instruction with the card  through Mama Prophet Joan:  “You are not allowed to take this card to Nigeria or to any African country, you must return it to me here in Amsterdam!”
The Lord answered the prayer of intercession and Brother Chris was released from prison and was not deported. After that, He came to Clinic of Faith to testify of the great things the Lord has done, and also brought back that card to Mama Prophet Joan!
To God be all the glory, the everlasting God, the only true God, who is truly faithful to His children! Amen.

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