The Testimony of Brother Aaron Mike Odeh from Nigeria

In 2011, Mama Prophet Joan ministered in Nigeria, at that time brother Aaron Mike was able to get her phone number and later contacted her in Holland. As he spoke with the woman of God, he told her that he believed in her ministry and the Alpha and the Omega, Jehovah YHWH Whom have called her! During this conversation the Lord gave a word of prophecy for him that HE is opening more doors for him to have contact with more people through the media. September 2013 The Lord revealed that he is bringing a woman to his radio program who will bless him with 500,000 Naira. two weeks later Brother Mike was on a radio station called Aso Radio in Abuja, Nigeria.
Praise the Lord! What He spoke, He also brought to pass! While he was on air in the radio station, a woman called in and said that the Lord have laid it in her heart to sow a seed into the radio programme, so the brother should come to her office to see her. As he went to the office, the woman through Her p.a. gave him a check for 500,000 Naira! Brother Mike called Mama Prophet Joan to tell her what the Lord has done for him and the Lord gave another prophecy. This time the name of the person who was going to bless him was given to Mama Prophet Joan by the Lord, this was Mr. Ochapa Ogenyi. Going for an appointment sometime after, the brother was redirected to meet the director instead of the person he had the appointment with. Looking at the director’s door, brother Mike discovered that his name was Ochapa Ogenyi. He became surprisingly excited  and  more perplexed at the goodness of the Lord! when he met with the director and he Introduced himself  i am Dr  Ochapa Ogenyi while they shook hands.After that he also received a financial seed for his radio program from Dr Ochapa Ogenyi just like the Lord says. Getting out of the office He immediately called our mama Prophet Joan and asked her who are you? I am Joan answered our mama Prophet Joan? Then he said i have never seen this kind of anointing says brother Aaron,  just as the Lord spoke, it happened. Praise the Lord! All the glory be to jehovah the Most High God Who is the revealer of secrets and never lies! Amen.

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